Remember when everyone was giving more than two shits about that internet petition to tell the obama administration WE DON’T WANT CISPA? Lot of good that did, and by “lot” I mean none. CISPA recently, and shamelessly, passed in the house and is now moving to the senate for debate. You guys need to contact your local congressman and tell them that you do not want CISPA to pass! That is the only viable way to have an impact on whether this passes or not.

Want to hear somthing that will make you angrier? Congressman McCaul is just one of many using the tragic Boston bombing as an excuse to pass CISPA, similarly to how USA PATRIOT ACT got passed because of the 9/11 bombings and that is not okay. He claims that had a bill like that had been in place to begin with, the bombing might have been avoidable.

“Recent events in Boston demonstrate that we have to come together as Republicans and Democrats” in order to pass a bill that will strengthen national security, McCaul (R-Texas) said Thursday morning

Words cannot describe how angry this makes me. The worst part is I don’t know what makes me angrier. The fact our representatives went againt our clearly voiced opinions on the matter and passed CISPA in the house, or the fact the congressmen are using the Boston Bombings to gain leeway to get it passed as law entirely.

Spread the word about CISPA, what congressmen are doing to trying to get it passed, how it is on the threshold of becoming law, and get angry about it.

Reblog for internet freedom and awareness of congress abuse of tragedies to pass an unlawful bill! Let them no you’re not okay with this bill, and even more so how they’re using the Boston Bombings as an excuse to get it passed!

EDIT: (courtesy of not-a-word)

The most important thing to emphasize right now is that you should be contacting your two Senators directly since the bill has moved to the Senate. You can find out who your Senators are here: or go through the EFF’s Action Center:

It’s important, no matter what you feel about individual members of Congress, to be polite when you’re contacting their offices directly. A message that attacks the individual may not be counted in the tally of constituent responses - and it’s unlikely that their staff would pass along the gory details in any case.

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